Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Introduction

Hello Gorgeous!

I would like to formally welcome you to my blog.  Welcome! :)

This blog is going to be dedicated to a few things that I am passionate about.  Hair, makeup and fashion.  I love shopping and doing hair and makeup.  I have since I was really little.  I am always so excited to tell my family and friends about the new products I have recently found that I either love, hate, or forget. Beauty blogging should be a great outlet for me!

Usually when researching a product before I buy it, I turn to the internet to find honest reviews of those products from real people who went out and spent their hard-earned money just like me.  That is what I hope to provide my readers with...  honest reviews of a wide range of beauty products that they will hopefully find helpful in making their own purchases.

As I said earlier, I love doing hair and makeup.  It makes me so happy to be able to help people look, and in turn, feel their best.  Beauty is as much from the mind as it is from the eye, so if you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful.  I want all of my readers to feel gorgeous! So through this blog, I also hope to provide my readers with tips, tricks, tutorials and my own product recommendations to help those that read it.

I really hope that you all find somethings helpful in the posts to come.  Feel free to leave me feedback, product review requests, makeup/hair tutorials you would like to see, and topics you would like to read about.

Thanks for reading!
♥, Aylissa

P.S.  All opinions are my own.  Also, I bought every product I review with my own money unless otherwise stated. :)

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