Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm back... :)

Hey guys,

If you're still subscribed to this blog after so long of not having any posts (I hope you are!), then I want to say thanks for hanging in there.   I also want/need to explain my absence.  I haven't done a post since OCTOBER of LAST YEAR!!!  Cray cray!  I had all these big plans of doing video tutorials and at least one post per week for you guys butttt.... this unexpected thing happened.  Acne.  Boom.  There, I said it.  That dreadful dirty word.  I am 22 years old and have never had acne until now.  It has been horrible.  I don't mean the occasional pimple here or there, I mean full on, my-face-looks-like-the-Appalachian-Mountains acne.  It's been painful, embarrassing, and to say the least, frustrating!!  So, out of embarrassment over my face, I haven't been posting or wanting to be seen.  At all.  *puts bag over head*

However!!!  One day I thought to myself, "Why am I letting this keep me from doing something I love and sharing information with people?"  Oh, maybe for fear of being made fun of?  Vanity?  I don't know, but no more!  I have decided to pick back up on this blog and move forward with my plans for it.  I have also decided to share my acne story in hopes that maybe I can help someone that has gone through or is going through a problem similar to mine. 

So now I have a question... I have plenty of ideas for posts but what I'd like to know from you is: what would you like to see more, videos or written posts?  Both?  What kinds?  Makeup tutorials, outfit posts, product reviews, hair tutorials, all of the above?  Let me know!



  1. Hey Aylissa!!!!!!! I would like to see all of the above! For me personally mostly hair and make up video tutorials! ;) thanks!!!!

  2. Im so happy you decided to come back!
    I was too afraid of posting photos because i didnt want anyone i know to know i had a blog but why should we hold back on doing something we enjoy because of other peoples opinions?
    I love seeing peoples outfit posts!